7 Easy Homemade Infused Candies That Make Great Last-Minute Gifts

When you’ve had your fill of cookies, move on to candy. 

For teachers, co-workers, hosts, and all the stoned ones in your life, these candy recipes have two things in common: They’re both delicious and deceptively simple.

This is a cake pop-cookie dough mash-up packed with holiday flavor.
If you’ve never cooked homemade caramel, you’ll be shocked to learn it’s a cinch to pull off.
Whip up homemade gumdrops with just four ingredients. Plus, look how pretty they are!

This was such an easy fudge recipe to make that my eight-year-old could do the whole thing herself.

Dark chocolate chips are the secret to this mouth-watering toffee.

Chances are good that you’ve already got everything you need for this sweet and salty treat.

Keep these in mind for folks who like a little salt with their sweet treats.

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