7 Ingredients in Your Kitchen You Can Easily Infuse With Cannabis

Easy ways to combine flower and cooking in your own kitchen.
Infusing cannabis into essential ingredients in your kitchen can be a fun and creative way for foodies to bring their love of the bud into everyday life. By merely cooking using key ingredients that have been pre-infused with cannabis, you can medicate with edibles or recreationally enjoy your favorite herb in your dishes.
But it doesn’t have to be the same old—we already know the basic marijuana-infused ingredients you can find, like cooking oil and butter, but what about other things you already use in some of your favorite recipes?
We’ve gathered a few ingredients you already have in your pantry that can easily be infused with cannabis, helping you build out your cooking and consumption repertoire. 

1. Honey

Wondering what all the buzz around Cannabis Honey is about? This delicious, natural sweetener is an easy addition to many meals and treats. Drizzle it over Greek yogurt mixed with granola and nuts or use it as a sweetener in your tea.

2. Coconut Oil

Cannabis Coconut Oil differs from regular cannabis oil quite a bit. It has a similar texture to coconut oil, but more importantly, you can use it in many different recipes, like in your favorite muffin or as a splash in your morning coffee.

Infusing cannabis into coconut oil (rather than or in addition to regular cooking oil) can also help guide you towards a healthier cooking routine as coconut oil is full of healthy fats.

Hash Yogurt can be a great way to start your morning (depending on your goals for the day, of course). Toss in some fruit, granola, nuts, and maybe even some of the special honey we mentioned earlier. It’s a breakfast you’ll want to try on your days off or when you want to start the day on a healthy, relaxed note.

The month of October is about pumpkin everything, so why not try some cannabis-infused pumpkin seeds? Roasted pumpkin seeds are the way to go whenever available and they are a discrete way to enjoy cannabis as the festivities happening around you. Not only are they tasty, but you’ll probably enjoy that pumpkin spice even more because of the special ingredient in the seasoning.

Cannabis sugar is key for those days where you want to spruce up your coffee or tea without sacrificing your sugar fix. You can even use it when you make cakes, muffins, and a number of other snacks and baked goods. It’s one of the most-used ingredients in many kitchens, so having a small batch of pre-infused sugar kicking around may be a lot more useful than you think!

Wine can be used when cooking a number of dishes, but more importantly, you can drink it. Cannabis-infused wine is one of those must-tries that not many people know about. Add a splash to your cooking and pour yourself a glass to enjoy while you cook. You’ll experience the warmth from the wine as well as the euphoric, full-body feeling from the cannabis. It’s a culinary win-win!

7. Vodka

Cannabis vodka is commonly referred to as Green Dragon, and while it’s simple to make, the name should be enough to tell you to exercise caution while drinking it. We understand that vodka may not be the most common ingredient when baking, but it’s perfect for when you want a drink (or two) after a long day. Mix it into a sweeter cocktail as it does become quite bitter from the cannabis infusion.

There are numerous ingredients you can infuse with cannabis, many of which you can use in a lot of different recipes.

Take some time on your next day off to prepare these key ingredients so that you can use them in a flash when the mood strikes.

You probably have all of the ingredients at home already, so get cooking and start experimenting.

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