A Family Missed

I believe it may have been easier on my family if I had died.
Then, my family, could have properly grieved and cried.
I know they will always remember me with family love and pride.
I wanted my family, to know I am so glad I lived instead of died.
I lived and I was a “stranger” and it was hard for them to abide.
They would have been my first choice through this journey as my guides.
I want my family, to know I am so glad I lived instead of died.
I wish they could see how much I have relearned and how hard I have tried.
They would also realize that “all odds” is what we as survivors really all defied.
I wish there had been family information so we would not have all been denied.
I wish we could have somehow traveled together as one family united and allied.
They had to move forward and now I understand why, and take my “new” life in stride.
I wish they could see all the things they taught me being once again reapplied.
They are all thankful I didn’t die, but as a stranger they could no longer walk by my side.
I just wish I could have stayed on the inside with all of them instead of the outside
I realize how much they missed the “old” me and its hard for them to see a possible upside.
I also realize that no family is ever ready for an injury that hits like this tragic landslide.
I just wanted my family, to know I realize we were “chosen” for this brain injury ride.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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