You precious and priceless little baby,
how could your parents be so cruel?
Out of control and violently angry,
unjustly confronting you with a duel.
You are just a little blameless infant,
unable to resist and protect yourself.
Now there are several mortal bruises,
because no one defended your health.
You were taken to the hospital today,
your little head battered and harmed.
Mom and dad caused you to dearly pay,
too late they are regretful and alarmed.
Now they are weeping and frightened,
realizing their treatment was too rough.
They are now aware and enlightened,
but your battered body has had enough.
Heartbreaking tears slide down your face,
as you struggle helplessly to understand.
You just needed love and gentle kindness,
not harm or abuse by your parent’s hand.
No amount of soothing can arrest your pain,
naught can make what has occurred all right.
You found no comfort or safety in this life,
only pounding and terror night after night.
As you pass to heaven full of joy and peace,
you will not recall today’s violence or pain.
Your little life left an enormous impression,
other abused children will ultimately gain.
You will be remembered as gentle and sweet,
many will not forget your appalling plight.
As a result of all your suffering and sacrifice,
others are inspired to keep battling your fight.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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