Berry Bliss Truffle Ball CBD-Infused Dog Treats

This recipe delivers antioxidants and flaxseed along with CBD Oil, aiding in the dog’s health and digestion.


  • ¾ cup dog-friendly berries mashed or pureed
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil warmed to liquid
  • 3 tbsp. ground flax seed
  • Sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon (optional)
  • Approximately 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • Fine desiccated coconut (or other coating option) for rolling
  • CBD oil


Thoroughly mash the berries in a mixing bowl (or puree for a more uniform truffle texture), and stir in the coconut oil. Add the ground flaxseed and incrementally add coconut flour. Add a little extra coconut flour or water if needed to adjust consistency to a nice sticky dough – precise measures can vary depending on the liquid in your fruit. The coconut oil will firm up when chilled, so this dough may feel slightly crumbly when warm. Press into small bite-sized balls, coat in coconut, and refrigerate until firm.

Tips and Tricks

These treats should be kept refrigerated and can be frozen for longer storage. Defrost cool or in the fridge so that you don’t accidentally heat them up and melt them. Our dogs have also happily eaten a few straight from frozen in hot weather! 

Berries can be used fresh or thawed from frozen.

In addition to being doggone delicious and fragrant, cinnamon offers some great health benefits to dogs (and people); however, it’s not suitable for everyone. Pregnant/nursing dogs in particular should not be given cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is the recommended variety for dogs if/when used. 

Coconut flour is a good option for gluten-free / grain-free pet treats, but it’s also a pretty healthy choice outright: it is high in fiber, high in protein, and low-GI relative to alternatives. Coconut flour is also very absorbent, which is part of getting the right consistency and balance in these treats.

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