Bird In A Cage

Caregivers, we appreciate your love.
But sometimes all your hovering
makes us feel like we are in a cage.

What you are doing out of love,
kindness and protection; only
makes us feel the emotion rage.

We can still think and feel emotion.
And like everyone else are sometimes
wrong. But all your limitations prevent
us from moving to the next stage.

Lovingly and carefully letting go; does not
mean you have no concern for your beloved
bird in the cage. You are just recognizing the
bird has reached an independent age.

Yes, we have disabilities that we must learn
to live with. But we choose to live in the
world, outside the cage, where we have a chance
to live in surroundings we have the option to gauge.

In loosening your reins, lack of care for us is not
what it means. Just as we all cringe when a toddler
struggles to learn how to walk. We with disabilities
also desire to reach our maximum independent stage.

We with disabilities must be allowed failures before
success is taught. We cannot constantly live our lives
worrying about getting hurt. We move forward by making
mistakes, and taking falls. The independence reduces rage.

In failing and falling we eventually learn how to stand.
Our road is rough, and there are a lot of hardships along
the way. But please always know we appreciate your loving
hand. It was just the bird cage that was unhealthy and for
ourselves we had to refuse to stay. We outgrew the cage.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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