Brain Injury and Oz

Dorothy’s journey begins with a blow to her head,
leaving her unconscious but thankfully not dead.
Her journey is a road map when seeking to cope,
with frustrations and challenges while searching for hope.
She teaches us the journey feels like we’re walking in a daze,
She gives us her road map, as we travel this strange TBI maze.
She lost family and friends and her losses continued to abound,
Her life was filled with many strange sights, smells, and sounds.
She did her best to make good decisions to navigate her strange way,
She did her very best to relearn how to live and survive from day to day.
She gathered new friends around her and formed relations based on care,
She learned not to dwell on only the things that were tragic and unfair.
She kept going forward into the unknown even if her brain she did tear.
She taught us to really notice if someone treats us badly or kind,
She taught us that searching for our answers can be very hard to find.
She taught us hard work, repetition and perseverance were her key,
She taught us that brain injury does not discriminate and might one day be you or me.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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