Brain Injury Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, you know my pain, frustration and sorrow so much better than I do myself. As I travel down this rocky path, please give me the strength to reach out to help others rather than staying totally absorbed in myself and my own problems. Help me to control my anger and my disappointment, and please help me not to take my frustration with myself out on others. Make me thoughtful and introspective, but not moody and cross. Help me to take the time to thank my loved ones for all their patience and kindness. Please help me to forgive those that have harmed me, so that my life will not be consumed by bitterness and hopelessness. Help me to keep silent about my aches, pains, seizures and brain injury; knowing others must get tired of their recitation. I would love to ask for improved memory, but instead will settle for the humility to realize that when my memory clashes with the memories of others, that I may be mistaken. Help me to accept the new changes in me, knowing that your love is warmly surrounding me. Please help me to focus more on tomorrow than on yesterday. I ask a special blessing for those that do not dwell on my mistakes but rather are willing to overlook them. I also pray that I will always remember to treat others with respect and kindness, knowing how badly it hurts to be mistreated and ridiculed. Help guide me in finding new goals and direction. I do not want the rest of my life to be spent wallowing in the past glory of yesterday. Help me to take my inadequacies and turn them into strengths. Please help me to take adversity and turn it into knowledge and guidance for both myself and others. No matter how disheartening the day may seem, help me to identify some good, some beauty, and some joy. I want to especially thank you for sending special people into my life who in their sincere acceptance of me, have helped me to learn to accept my “new” self. And give me, dear Lord the grace to show appreciation for their support and help. May I always remember that I am not alone, as you are always by my side.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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