But I Tried

There were people playing simple games,
I didn’t quite understand how to play,
but…I tried.

There were people riding the public bus
They made it look so easy, but I couldn’t do it,
but…I tried.

There were people in need who required comfort,
I was never sure of the right words or platitudes,
but..I tried.

There were Mothers that made motherhood seem easy,
I had to struggle so hard to be what my kids needed,
but…I tried.

I watch others on the computer in utter amazement.
Making the mouse move where I want it is so difficult.
but…I tried.

I watch longingly as others leave in their cars to go to work.
I can remember those days and those feelings of success.
but…I tried.

I wonder about the future and what it holds it store for me.
Sometimes, I am anxious about tomorrow and its news.
but…I tried.

I look back on life and see so many mistakes I wish weren’t there.
But they are, and I hold on to the truth and the truth is I tried.

I tried the very best I could, even if others can do things better.
I have lost some of my abilities, but I am still able to do one thing.
and that is to forever TRY, and never give up!

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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