Canna Toast

How to Make Canna Toast

Toast is almost as old as civilization itself, made by the early Egyptians to put some spark back in stale bread.

It’s still one of the most versatile, delicious, and completely perfect snacks for breakfast or as a side at any meal.

You can make toast from any kind of bread in the toaster, in the oven, over a fire, and learn to top with a variety of different things to your taste.



Step 1: Carefully put your slices of bread into the bread slots of the toaster. 

Trim off excess bread on the ends of the slices that are too big to fit in the slots. 

Make sure the sides of the toast aren’t rubbing against the heat coils.

If you cram it in, the ends are going to burn and stink up the kitchen. 

Make sure the slices aren’t too thick or too wide.

Step 2: Choose the setting for the darkness of the toast. 

Depending on the type and thickness of the bread, and on how brown or crunchy you want it, set the knob higher or lower.

If you are unsure, put on a low setting and if necessary after, repeat at a higher setting.

Toasters, especially cheap ones, are often unreliable in the “darkness” knob department.

Many people complain that even at the highest setting, you need to toast multiple times.

It’s best to start it light to make sure you don’t burn the toast, then increase if you need to toast it a second time.

Step 3: Push down the button to toast the bread. 

Keep an eye on the toaster to make sure it doesn’t burn, then carefully remove the hot toast from the toaster after it pops up when it completes the cycle.

Using Toppings and Add-Ons

Step 1: Slice your toast in half, quarters, or leave whole.

Traditionally, at old diners, the cooks would slice dry toast (without butter) in half vertically and would slice buttered toast on the diagonal, so that the waitresses would differentiate between them quickly and easily.

Plus, everybody knows diagonally-cut toast tastes better, right?

The club sandwich is cut diagonally twice, while toast sticks–slice in several vertical strips are commonly served with a soft-boiled egg, to make for easy dipping.

Mix it up. Cut your toast however you most like to eat it.

Step 2: Spread a single topping on your toast.

When you’ve got a perfectly-crispy slice of toast straight from the toaster, it makes a great vehicle for toppings.

While you can obviously put anything on the toast you like, there are some classics. 

  1. Melt one tablespoon of butter and butter the bread on both sides.  

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