Canna White Chocolate Truffles

To make a good impression but, above all, to delight true chocolate lovers, today I’ll tell you how to make some marijuana truffles in a simple way. The best part? They last for several days and still taste like chocolate and cannabis. Are you in??

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White Chocolate Truffle Ingredients:

  1. 1-2 lbs white candy melts.
  2. 225 grams for Truffles remainder for decoration U.S.: ​ – CAN: ​ #ad​
  3. 1/2 cup, 4oz heavy cream (whipping cream)
  4. 1-2 tbls cannabutter or unsalted butter for regular
  5. oil coloring


  1. Candy Melts: U.S.:  CAN: ​
  2. Polycarbonate chocolate mold: U.S.:  CAN:
  3. Food Coloring for Chocolate: U.S.: ​ CAN: ​
  4. Chocolate melting pot: U.S.:  CAN:
  5. Small bowls for colored chocolate: CAN:
  6. Disposable piping bags or regular: U.S.:  CAN:
  7. #10 or #12 piping tip for truffles: U.S.CAN:
  8. #1 or #2 piping tip for decorating: U.S.: ​CAN:
  9. Paintbrushes

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