Images by jCruceWeb

I began work on the Nirvana Farms branding and the website in June of 2020. Here are the first Images James M. Cruce made as a free agent.

After a month James M. Cruce had only begun to establish the digital footprint of that which would become Nirvana Farms’ online presence.

The firey embers of a once-forgotten star streak across the inky green darkness of the cannaverse. Erupting magnificent balls of icy blue flame wherever they find purchase.

The flickering flames revealed secrets to those who look close enough. Alliances were forged and doors made visible, the eyes of one looked upon those he loved.

Fully engulfed by an unquenchable thirst for anything cannabis, jCruceWeb embraced his new reality. Shedding the mantle of wyrm419, the web grinder could feel the transformation taking place.

Cannabliss, James M. Cruce was happy, having discovered a wellspring of information, he was content to lose himself in its unknown depths. 

If knowledge truly were power, one thing would be certain… jCruceWeb had become stronger now than ever before. 

I do not know much. But I know I love you and that may be all I need to know.  

Be inspired by the unconventional wisdom of our peers and experts as they help us get to a higher state of consciousness.

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