Cannabis-Infused Honey Tincture

A honey tincture is excellent with a morning coffee or late at night in your favorite tea. This recipe is extremely simple and a great way to enjoy the many benefits of cannabis.

1 ounce of high-quality cannabis, finely ground
5 lb. container honey
Cheesecloth String

Take the finely ground marijuana and wrap it in cheesecloth, secure with string. Place the bundle in a Crock-Pot and cover the entire package in honey. Cover the Crock-Pot and set it on low. Simmer for 4 hours, stirring occasionally. The mixture should summer (not boil!). If it begins to boil be sure to turn the Crock-Pot off and let it cool down before turning it on again.

Remove the bundle from the honey and strain the honey from the cheesecloth. Let it cool and pour it into small glass jars that can be sealed tightly. Your final product should be a warm orange. Substitute for honey in any recipe. We love to add honey tincture to our smoothie, coffee, and tea. The honey can be stored in your cupboard for up to 1 month.

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