Cannabis-Infused Lobster Rolls

An Easy Lobster Roll is a heavenly sandwich with a soft and chewy bun that’s stuffed with cool, fresh lobster salad made from a sweet mayonnaise base.  Every bite is packed with crave-worthy flavor that is light and tasty!


1/3 cup cannamayo
1/4 cup finely diced celery
1 tbsp diced scallions
1 lb cooked lobster tail chop into pieces after cooling
4 individual rolls split and toast rolls then brush with butter
to taste salt and pepper


  1. Combine the CannaMayo, lemon juice, celery, parsley, scallion, salt, and pepper. Add hot sauce to your preference.
  2. Add the cooked lobster meat pieces to the CannaMayo mix. Toss lightly to cover the lobster meat with sauce.
  3. Fill toasted buns evenly with Florida medical marijuana lobster salad. Serve and enjoy.

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