Cannabis Truths Based On Trial And Error By Debbie Wilson PhD

Dear friends, my intent has been to share cannabis truths based on my own trial and error and my medical records, and my patient experience. I am but one patient but I had a dozen life-threatening disorders when I found cannabis.
My heart issue was diagnosed 3 years ago. My blood pressure has been averaging 225/100 with the addition of a B/P medicine this past year. I have not been able to tolerate an increase in the B/P medicine. I was experiencing severe angina pain both awake and it would also wake me while asleep.
My angina pain was also causing me to lose feeling in both my arms and these episodes were happening almost daily. I was also not eligible for recommended heart surgery.
A canna nurse thankfully reached out and offered to help guide me with her knowledge. I usually medicate with edibles, tinctures, and THCA (raw cannabis) put in capsules.
The canna nurse had me add VIT E to my daily supplements. I am currently taking ten VIT E supplements totaling 2680 mgs a day.
She also instructed me to try vaping THC. The combination of the two changes has significantly lowered my B/P this last month. My blood pressure is currently averaging 160/95 and many times even lower.
Once I got my pressure lowered I have had absolutely no more angina pain. This sacred plant has improved my quality of life yet once again! ❤

by: Debbie M. Wilson  PhD

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