Caregiver… reliable one, dry those pain-racked tears.
There are moments you are mute and miserable but,
hopelessness only allows you to be captive of your fears.

As those tears trickle, from each swollen eye, follow the light.
Recall overcoming other intense and distressing times,
never forgetting frustration and grief are clearly your right.

Always remember the universal emotion labeled…need.
The right occasion will arise to support someone else.
They will receive comfort thoughtfully sown by your seed.

You must schedule because there is never time to spare.
Remember to secure precious time to indulge yourself,
your personal needs should be routine rather than rare.

There will be moments when all optimism seems depleted.
Sometimes all solace may seem futile and meaningless.
You are not alone, all of us occasionally feel sad and defeated.

Surviving through difficult times is a formidable task.
Persistence and faith will enable you to locate your way,
the struggle proving beneficial once you acquire peace at last.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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