Memories…sometimes joyful, sometimes painful,Sometimes meaningful, sometimes a waste of time.Memories…the past , what was…what no longer is,Constantly and graphically fleeting through our mind. Memories…time spent in another day in a preferential way,Sometimes unrealistic, sometimes just […]


Please take my hand, my precious friend, and lets walk barefoot through thesand. As we walk let’s try to make sense of life and all of its manycomplicated variables. Do you see the water continually […]

Letting Go

If we hide,we don’t have to decide.If we pretend,we don’t have to confide.If we deny,we don’t have to face,the brutal realities,that throw us off base.If we stay angry,we don’t have to deal,with all of the […]

It is nothing

I am pouring my coffee,I feel my face tingling.It will be alright, it is nothing.I see my coffee cup,I must concentrate.I don’t seem to be able to pour this cup.Of course I can.Concentrate, concentrate.Alright, look […]


My mind drifts backwards…slowly…wistfully and…questionably, to the forks in the road. Some would call it the road less traveled, the path not taken, or the decision that was not made, but…what if? The forks in […]


I remember my life and earlier days,sometimes I even cry and long for them.I search diligently for hope in the sunrays,longing for the person I have once been. I no longer have my previous pre-identity,it […]

If Not

If not for loss, we would not recognize gain.If not for fatigue, we would not appreciate energy.If not for death, we would not be thankful for life.If not for poverty, we could not appreciate prosperity.If […]


Hope…is the opposite of despair.Hope…is the opposite of discouragement.Hope…is the opposite of impossible.Hope…is a life raft to a person drowning Hope…is oxygen to a person struggling for breathe.Hope…is the sight of a parent to a […]