Cognitive Overload

There is entirely too much noise,
there is no way I can possibly last.
I am trying very hard to understand,
but the world is moving way too fast.
Soon there will be nothing but a blank screen, so forgive me if I cannot say the right word.
No matter how many times this happens,
I know it is real, even if others think it is absurd.
It is like not having cable on your television,
there are only a couple of channels that I can use.
If there is too much more stimuli than I can handle,
I know it is time for me to exit; or I eventually lose.
It is time for me to lay my head down now,
forgive me for anything else I am supposed to do.
I know this must seem strange too far too many,
But I would understand if it happened to you.
This phenomenon is known as cognitive overload,
There are many of us that know the true meaning.
But if you give me a little while and give me some rest,
I will come back, and will no longer seem to be leaning.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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