Court Case

Hush special one, do not shed anymore useless, broken-hearted tears,
don’t you know all of us at times have to face our most evil fears?

Life is not fair, and the truth of it is usually very difficult to bear,
but the strength and tenacity to stand up to it makes you very rare.

There was a probable accident, you are probably now quite harmed.
In a fantasy world we see no reason we should feel fearful and alarmed.

It all comes down to money, and how much someone is going to pay.
Rarely will you get your chance to explain the injustice or have your
true say.

They call it equity, but unfortunately, it has nothing to do with your
it has to do with a legal arena where the Judge is treated like the

Is fair, or just, or compensation, or futures ever really given much
Court proceedings and companies haunt all the justice we were ever

The better attorney, the most money, lying witnesses and personal
these are the things court cases are made of, not statements of the
real facts.

There are no sufficient words of comfort, no way to make you feel
all right.
But always remember you are not the first or last to ever lose this
unfair fight.

All you can do is hold your head up high, you only desired what was
Where we make our biggest mistake, it to think that anyone ever really

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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