Critical Kush Cannabis Strain

Critical Kush is a hybrid cross that comes from the strains Afghani and an heirloom Skunk. Consumers can expect a strong earthiness that is pungent yet sweet, while the high is sedative and relaxing.


The cannabis strain Critical Kush is a potent indica that smells of spices and pine with skunky undertones. Its buds are light, mint green with hues of orange and yellowing pistils. They’re normally fluffy and popcorn-shaped with slight violet undertones and a light layer of trichomes.

Its THC content can be anywhere between 14%-20% on average, depending on the crop. It has a slow activating high, so wait ten to fifteen minutes for this strain’s full effects. Once it kicks in, the body will feel relaxed and the mind will be foggy but euphoric.

Reviewers have noted that it induces introspection and is thought-provoking. However, its numbing body sensation will help sedate the consumer and is good for night time use if trying to eliminate insomnia.

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