My dearest child, how I hunger to change your destiny,
perceiving your anguish; wishing it had befallen me.
Apart treading blindly; united we more capably see,
steadfastly in your camp; the only place I desire to be.

Shattering my heart with the continuance of your pain,
feeling so inadequate makes me sometimes feel insane.
Crushing feelings of regret; internal ghosts of disdain,
opposing emotions interfering with ultimate gain.

Intimately observing you in peacefulness of sleep,
remembering precious moments of learning to count sheep.
Wondering whatever happened to those little tiny feet,
declaring love and tenderness and pledges I will keep.

Insufficient are my words to guide you through this plight,
discouragement and frustration are certainly your right.
Deficient seems my wisdom to direct you through this fight,
only convinced perseverance will permit the ultimate height.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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