Things may be bad sometimes and to some may seem hopeless, please just let
me accept my life in reality and love my life anyway.
I’m asking you to try not to steal what keeps me going…Hope.

There are those times that I am quite aware of how bad things are,
those temporary moments when I can’t see through my streaming tears,
But I am begging you to let me hold on to what I need…Hope.

Please don’t ever say you could not stand to live the life that I have,
you couldn’t possibly know unless my life were the life you were living.
I’m asking you to let me have what I need for the moment…Hope.

Don’t make false promises or false dreams, but let me have my dreams.
Please don’t as a professional, ever say there are no more answers or help,
I am pleading with you to allow me the luxury I need most…Hope.

Always there are more answers, it may just be you without those answers.
When you make these type of remarks, it makes it hard to hold on to my hope.
I am telling you that all patients need that one joint component…Hope.

If you haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes, don’t be to quick to judge.
All of us at times face adversity, just some have to live with it all the
time. We are somehow able to find strength and endurance through…Hope.

Don’t ever say we will amount to nothing or get no where fruitful in this
life,as long as we can live, we can still give to someone who needs what we
have. In giving to others the survival tips we have learned we have…Hope.

No matter how grave the situation or how serious the medical problem,
remember that miracles and things not quite understood by man happen.
Don’t ever be so cruel and heartless as to take away someone’s…Hope.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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