Epilepsy Medication

Epilepsy medication can be a strange thing,
We can be doing great, we can be seizure free.
Then suddenly the seizures sneak up and attack,
And the seizures are so numerous we cease to really be.

For people unfamiliar with our medicine,
It may not seem like such a big deal.
There are a lot of different medications,
Surely one of them will be able to change the way we feel.

But for those of us who have tried them all,
This feeling of impending doom is very real.
We know with each different kind of medicine,
There is a price to pay and it will effect the way we feel.

Will this new medicine cause me to gain weight?
Or will it make me lose my ability to ever feel alert?
Will it cause my glands to enlarge and swell?
Or will it be able to stop the seizures, will it really work?

Such questions we have for these medications we need,
Once we finally get used to the side-effects it seems we must make a change.
It feels like starting over, the outcome is never very clear,
I wonder if the new medication will help, I wonder if it will make me feel strange?

For those of us in search of some semblance of control,
We respect the ongoing research, because it represents our hope.
But in the meantime we will settle for even a few seizure-free days,
And pray that God will continue to give us the strength to cope.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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