Farm Fresh Gifs by jCruceWeb 2020 – 2021

As anyone who knows jCruceweb can tell you, my heart lies with code. I love the countless hours I can pour into a project; taking it from bland to grand. 

What can I say… it is the only craft I have any formal education in.  Yet I do not let that stay my hand when the mood arises. 

Thanks to the submitted fan art by my virtual friend Heath Alexander I have been moved to create a few .gifs over the past year. 

I hope you like them! check out the 2020/21 collection below. 

The All-Seeing Eye of the Grinder

Out of sight out of mind.

That's Chill

As cold as the winter wind blows.

And Boom Goes The Firework

All it took was one hit and I was seeing stars!

Wait! What color was that?

I know its green, but I swear it was darker than that… let me look closer 

Shimmer And Glow

If better is possible then static is not enough.

Feels A Lot Like

Happy Holidays 

THe Best Buds Are Trees

Deck the halls with bowls of Canna…

This the season…

Your Wish Is My Command

It is not for me to know why. It is for me to do.  I only do what I know how to do, when I know to do it.  But I do it well. 


Back to the quarry and getting close to the earth. Cause I am so very flitstoned. 

Your Blunt is Rolled

Your blunt is rolled Mr. Jetson. 

No Smoking?

smoke what?

The Hootchy Kootchy

A kind of erotic dance similar to a belly dance, formerly performed at carnivals.

Throw Them Bows

go now! I want to dab in peace!

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