Farmers Market – Infused Hot Sauce

When I became interested in cooking with cannabis, it opened a whole new avenue of cooking for me.

I would spend numerous amounts of time in the grocery store thinking about how I would be able to infuse or incorporate all these everyday items.

Living in the South, I have access to a wonderful farmers market with so many fresh fruits and vegetables just begging to be infused.

Infused Hot Sauce


Infused Hot Sauce
Infused Pickled Beets
Infuse Blueberry Jam


  1. 6 tbs Tincture
  2. 1 lb red jalapeno peppers stem removed, chopped keeping seeds and membrane
  3. ½ lb red serrano peppers stem removed, chopped keeping seeds and membrane
  4. 5 scotch bonnet peppers stem removed, chopped keeping seeds and membrane
  5. 4 cloves garlic
  6. 3 tbsp brown sugar
  7. 4 tbsp canna honey powder
  8. 1 tbsp canna salt
  9. ⅓ cup of water
  10. ½ cup white vinegar

Helpful hint: I recommend using gloves and a well-ventilated area when chopping these hot peppers


  1. Chop peppers retaining seeds and membranes
  2. Place in a blender chopped peppers, garlic, brown sugar, honey powder, canna salt,
    tincture, and water. Blend till smooth
  3. Place puree in a large glass jar and cover with plastic wrap. Store in a cool dark place
    for 5-7 days. Stir once daily by scraping down the sides and recover with plastic wrap.
  4. After 5-7 days pour the fermented mixture back into the blender and add vinegar.
  5. Blend till smooth and strain with a fine mesh strainer. Mash the pulp thru the mesh
    strainer. At this point, you can either throw away the pulp. BUT I hate to waste.
    I kept the pulp and mixed it with some infused olive oil. I will use this for
    Making BBQ sauce, Spicy Wing Sauce, dry rub for jerky and adding directly to
  6. Place strained sauce in the pan and bring to a low boil for 10 minutes
  7. Cool to room temp and store in a jar in the refrigerator 

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