It takes so much time to help heal our miraculous brain,.
especially when doctors predict our effort will be in vain.
I have learned that no one else can adequately predict my gain,
and it is this deep felt assurance that has continued to help keep me sane.

You see, I went through this before seven years ago,
The prognosis was grim, my attitude was how can you know?
Several things they predicted I would never again do, I had scored too low.
I proved them wrong, as my determination and will to survive slowly began to grow.

Now there is a new injury, more things I can not adequately do,
but I remember the last time and all that I gained, I have to try this time to.
Cognitive rehab on the computer each day taught me their prognosis was not true.
Everyday is a challenge in all that I attempt, by learning and re-learning all that I can do.

I could choose to sit and vegetate, but instead I choose to fight for me.
It doesn’t matter if I do things as well as before, I am trying to be the
best I can be.
Moments of discouragement do not last very long, streaming tears do not help me see.
The hours of trying the same things over and over, prove helpful and well worth the fee.

I will not ever learn all I once knew, but the things I have learned are
priceless and ease the pain.
The wisdom and knowledge learned as a result of this injury, continues to remind me of all of my gain.
I appreciate the sun and the smell of the sea, I will never let cloudy skies make me feel like I live in the rain.
I will remind myself daily that my effort, as frustrating as it may be, will be the real reason I finally will gain.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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