It was just a split second in time,
now I am forever different from before.
Feeling sad sometimes is certainly not a crime,
none of us can predict what life might have in store.

My children have lost a crucial part of their life,
my original goals were forced to die along the way.
My husband, lovingly, has had to take care of his wife,
my heart breaks for them, but they seem glad a part of me could stay.

Sometimes there are tears and moments of unbearable sadness,
but in general we all cope, day by day, with our eyes on tomorrow.
For the most part we are thankful and our hearts are filled with gladness,
but as with any loss, that lasts forever, we also all feel our share of sorrow.

No one ever told us what to expect, so denial was our strategy,
then the clock kept ticking and the improvements did not seem to come.
Through the support of other brain injured, I realized there had been a tragedy,
that I must face, acknowledge, grieve, get angry over and then start recovery from.

Denial was a wonderful place, but it was not real and it did not help me heal.
Recovery has been a rough road, with many a glimpse at my pre-injury aptitudes.
Sometimes I still wonder……..what if that pick-up truck had not been able to steal?
Steal what? I still have my life and I am thankful. Recovery seems to be partly attitude.

But those glimpses of another, far easier time in life, are a step in our healing process.
I know of no one that would raise their hand and volunteer for this kind of injury or pain,
but that does not mean that we cannot turn our lives, with this injury, into a story of success.
By sharing our information with others, in lessening another’s pain, we all experience gain.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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