Goodbye Twenty Twenty

Peyote Critical is a strain originating from a cross between an aromatic Peyote Purple and a resinous, quick-flowering Critical Mass. Resistant to fungi and pests, this strain is both simple and is pleasing to grow.

Germinated from seed gifted to Nirvana Farms by the masters at Barney’s Farm, it is no wonder this has become the flagship strain of our in-house hippy. Known for its ability to fight symptoms of insomnia and anxiety, I have fallen in love with the magic made when our hippy grabs his spade.

However, like all good things, the 2020 collection of flowers produced by the farm has reached its end. The bags are near empty, and my heart is breaking. I loved that strain as it was always pleasing for my brain! I am not yet ready to say goodbye to 2020 flowers, but time waits for no man.

On that note, the hippy’s magic has only multiplied through experience. 2021 has seen many hardships, but he did not let it slow him down. It pleases me to no ends to announce the arrival of the 2021 strain of Nirvana Farms Peyote Critical cannabis strain!

This crop is the best we have ever grown and will be available in both buds and concentrate by mid-October. Setting seed to the soil in stages to have his greenhouses finish over several intervals, we will have numerous other strains that finish up shortly after.

We will soon roll out our indoor facility, and our mystical hippie has Cannabis Cup winning potential. Now he has been given a place to ply his craft and show the world. You haven’t seen anything yet!!!

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