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Heal yourself with the shining rays of the sun,
Heal yourself with lemon balm, kittens, and fun.
Heal yourself with the stars and moonlight,
Heal yourself with all your warrior courage and might.
Heal yourself with the sound of crickets, birds, and bees,
Heal yourself with the sound of the rivers, waterfalls, and seas.
Heal yourself with the use of lavender, cannabis, and chamomile tea.
Heal yourself as you sweeten each warm drink with love,
Heal yourself with the hug of each raindrop that drops from above.
Heal yourself as you listen to all nature’s sounds,
Heal yourself as you stand with bare feet on the ground.
Heal yourself with the kisses of the howling wind,
Heal yourself and embrace being your own best friend.
Heal yourself with love and patience as you recover and mend.
Heal yourself with joyous music, dance, and song,
Heal yourself with mother nature’s gifts and you can’t go wrong.
Heal yourself in 2020 while you isolate in quarantine,
Heal yourself by making your quarantine routine faith-filled, peaceful, and serene. 
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