Hope…is the opposite of despair.
Hope…is the opposite of discouragement.
Hope…is the opposite of impossible.
Hope…is a life raft to a person drowning
Hope…is oxygen to a person struggling for breathe.
Hope…is the sight of a parent to a child that is lost.
Hope…is the appeal process for the man on death row.
Hope…is chemotherapy and radiation for the cancer patient.
Hope…is dialysis for the person with kidney failure.
Hope…is insulin for the person with diabetes.
Hope…is heart surgery for the person with heart damage.
Hope…is antiepileptic drugs for the person with seizures.
Hope…is brain surgery for the person with a brain tumor.
Hope…is a shunt for the person that is hydrocephalic.
Hope…is public transportation for those that can not drive.
Hope…is food for those that are poverty stricken.
Hope…is peace for those that live in war zones.
Hope…is the twelve step program for the alcoholic.
Hope…is a letter from family for the soldier away from home.
Hope…is a friend that loves and cares unconditionally.
Hope…is a dry place to sleep for the homeless.
Hope…is a ray of sunshine, after a devastating storm.
Hope…is not a gift, it cannot be given.
Hope…is not tangible, it cannot be stolen.
Hope…cannot be bought for any amount of money.
Hope…is the desire to overcome the odds.
Hope…is the desire to fight back.
Hope…is belief in yourself, above all others.
Hope…comes from within the heart and soul.
Hope…is striving to be as successful as possible.
Hope…is accepting limitations.
Hope…is forgiveness.
Hope…is going forward, even when it hurts
Hope…is what carries us, when we are too tired to go on.
Hope…is to desire with some confidence of fulfillment.
Hope…is to persist in hoping against all odds.
Hope…is the expectation that things will indeed get better.
Hope…is magic in an otherwise harsh world!

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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