How to Clean a Bong – Method 3

3 Ways to Clean a Bong

Nothing ruins the taste of a good smoke like a dirty bong. Fortunately, there are some pretty easy and reliable ways to clean your bong both generally and extensively. To make and keep your bong clean, do basic cleaning, get those tough areas and stains, and take good care of your bong.

Method 3 Taking Care of Your Bong

1. Use filtered water in your bong. The minerals in tap water and unfiltered spring water can cause water stains to form in your bong. To prevent this, always use filtered water when you smoke. It’s also a good idea to use filtered water when cleaning your bong, or at least rinse it with filtered water after cleaning.

2. Change out the water in your bong daily. If you change out your bong water each day, your bong will stay much cleaner. When old water sits in your bong, mold can form. This is pretty gross on its own, but mold also means mold stains, which can make cleaning your bong a more extensive process.

3. Clean your bong once a week. This is another way to keep mold from forming and ultimately avoid getting mold stains. Try to do at least a brief cleaning weekly to keep your bong squeaky clean.

4. Store your bong in a bong bag or hard case. Since your bong is made of glass, it’s susceptible to cracking and breaking if you aren’t careful. When storing and traveling with your bong, consider keeping it in a protective bag or case to keep anything from happening to it

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