How to Make a Easy DIY Smartphone Macro Lens for Cannabis Photography

Here’s a super simple yet highly effective smartphone hack. You can disassemble an old laser pointer and use the focusing lens as a makeshift macro lens for your smartphone!

Macro photography produces some of the coolest phone images. Rarely, people slow down enough to inspect things that close.

If you want a better detailed view of an object with more of a microscopic feel than the zoom on your phone.  If you really want to get closer and really see the texture, quality, and detail, then you should try this simple smartphone hack. 

Step 1:

Find a Cheap Laser

You will need one of those cheap ones that are made for a pet…they usually cost $1.

I got mine for only 99 cents, the cheap ones usually have a dome-shaped head so if you find one of them then it should be the right one. 

Step 2:

Open Your Laser

Before working on anything that contains a battery such as, a laser, please, remove the batteries!!!

Once you removed the back cap and batteries, carefully, remove the front cap of the laser.

Once removed you may see a black cover holding in place the lens, be careful not to scratch or damage the lens! 

Step 3:

Mounting Your Lens

Once you have your lens, then you have a few ways of mounting it, the most common way is the ole bobby pin and tape. 

The most fascinating thing about close up and macro photography on the smartphone is the detail. To achieve sharp detail, we have controlled some factors: including keeping the subject steady and a high-quality lens attachment. The next step is to stabilize the smartphone prior to and during the capture.

The easiest way to stabilize the smartphone is to attach it to a tripod. Smartphone holders can be sourced online at a low cost and attached to a standard tripod. 

A couple of tips that will help you achieve a sharper focus on your smartphone are:

  • Tap the screen to tell your smartphone where to focus
  • On the iPhone you can pinch and zoom, long press to lock the focus, then zoom back out again
  • Take the photo by pressing the volume button on your attached genuine earphones!
  • Use the timer or on some Android photos – say ‘cheese’
  • Use a camera replacement app that allows manual focus adjustment

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