How to make Cannabis brownies the easy way

Got some weed on hand that you’d rather not smoke (for whatever reason), but you don’t want it to go to waste? Always been curious about making your own edibles, but you’re not much of a chef? No problem. Here’s how to make pot brownies simply, using a store-bought mix.

If you’re wondering about just sprinkling your bag of the herb into the batter, don’t go there. You’ll end up with an unappetizing, green-flecked, and weedy-tasting brownie of unknown potency. Why not make it worth your effort?

The one crucial ingredient you’ll need on hand before you tear open that brownie mix is cannabutter or canna-oil. To get you on your way, we’ve put together some resources you’ll find useful if you’re not a master baker (sorry, love that old gag).

Marijuana brownies step by step

 1. Start with a batch of cannabutter (or canna-oil).

We have dialed it down to a few steps for what  Liz Gilmour calls “the best cannabutter.”

While many prefer to have cannabutter on hand, canna-oil is the other option. But should it be made with canola, olive, coconut, or another type of oil?

If your box recipe calls for vegetable oil and all you have is cannabutter, not to worry — just use an equivalent amount of softened cannabutter. According to a FAQ, they’re interchangeable, just know that “using butter or margarine will make your brownies slightly richer with a bit of ‘dairy’ taste.”

Just substitute the cooking oil named in the directions with your cannabis-infused product type and follow the directions on the box. 

And that is it!

2. What should the serving size be?

Ah, the thrill of using math in real life. There is a formula for figuring out the approximate THC potency for your weed brownies. Or you can let us do the work for you!

• Swift and Easy Edible Calculator

3. What about the effects?

If this is your first foray into eating edibles as well as making them, learn about what to expect, and why it’s important to be patient, grasshopper. For those unfamiliar with regulations in legalized states, the Colorado-mandated dosage for commercial edibles is 10 milligrams of THC per serving. If you’re a seasoned smoker, don’t assume a big slab of chocolatey goodness is the best way to start.

Got other edibles questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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