How To Make Cannabis Extracts In Espresso Machine

These are some super easy hacks to elevate your cannabinoid therapy.

The uses of medicinal cannabis reach far and wide in the modern world. In addition to those medicating for serious health issues, there is a whole new line of experimenters trying out new hacks.

In the modern-day, lovers of cannabis and coffee both have a range of hacks to make their mornings a bit brighter. If you love the two Cs, then this series of life hacks for the coffee and cannabis connoisseur might be for you.

Cannabis Extraction Using an Espresso Machine

Looking for a quick and easy way to extract cannabis at home? You’re in luck. A study carried out at the University of Valencia in Spain showed how cannabis can be extracted from a hard cap espresso machine. Published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry, the study demonstrated how the extract was surprisingly potent.

Thanks to the heat and pressure inside the espresso machine, they extracted THC, CBD, and CBN. Extraction results compared favorably to other extraction techniques. Meanwhile, it was deemed more cost-effective and quicker to produce. Better yet – the total time required for the extraction was just 60 seconds!

It’s one useful life hack for the more resourceful among us. But whether you should use up a couple of grams of high-quality medicine in your espresso machine, or wait until they devise a more refined version for $50 in Walmart is up to you!

And, of course, not everyone has an espresso machine. But the sentiment is there – coffee and cannabis make a great mix. Here are some life hacks to help you get an extra bit of medicine in your morning brew, espresso machine, or not!

Cannabis-Infused Milk for Coffee or Tea

For those who want to add a splash of white medicine to their morning cup of joe, then cannabis-infused milk is one useful hack.

It’s quite simple to make. You’ll need 1 oz of cannabis, a quart of milk or cream, soy lecithin (optional), and a cheesecloth.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Decarboxylate the cannabis by breaking it up and placing it in a preheated oven at 240°F (115ºC) for 25 minutes. Or if you have more time.
  2. Heat up the milk in a saucepan to just below boiling point, and add the decarboxylated cannabis.
  3. Add in 2 teaspoons of soy lecithin powder. This is an emulsifier that helps keep the solution from separating. However, its inclusion is optional and can be skipped.
  4. Stir the solution regularly and allow it to simmer just below boiling point for 45 – 60 mins.
  5. Once complete, strain it through a cheesecloth.
  6. Allow it to cool and then store it in the fridge just like regular milk. Make sure to heed the ‘best before date’ of the original milk as it still won’t keep beyond that.
  7. Each morning, add 1 or 2 tablespoons to your morning coffee or tea for a cannabis-infused kick. It can also be combined with regular milk in your morning cereal

Don’t Throw Out Your Stems

Over time, those of us using flowers tend to accumulate a bag of stems. No one wants to smoke them, but you can distill that goodness into butter that can be added to your morning beverage.

This is a useful hack for those times when you’ve accumulated a considerable pile of stems.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil to half a quart of water and bring it to a low simmer.
  2. Grind the stems in a blender until they are powder-like. With the extra surface area exposed, you’ll extract more goodness.
  3. Add the stems to the simmering water and leave it for 4-6 hours, checking regularly.
  4. Once complete, double strain it through a cheesecloth.
  5. Place it in the fridge overnight and allow the water to separate from the butter.
  6. Strain out the water and you’ll be left with a thin slab of butter that can be added to food or beverages.

What’s better than medicating with your morning coffee? These recipes can easily be used to make iced coffees, lattes, and an assortment of delicious go-getting beverages to start your day right.

AVB Pick-Me-Up Coffee

Contrary to what many believe, Already Vaped Bud (ABV) is still a potent medicinal source. Even after vaporizing, many cannabinoids and terpenes are still present in the plant material for further extraction.

Some hackers who want to spice up their morning coffee can add Already Vaped Bud to the ground coffee beans. Or, add AVB to some coconut oil before mixing it with ground coffee beans. This mixture can then be added to a capsule for use in your espresso machine.

However, before you go trying this out, one potential problem worth mentioning is the taste of Already Vaped Bud. The bitter taste will generally overpower the coffee, so it’s best to cure it first.

This is achieved by wrapping your AVB in cheesecloth and submerging it in water. Allow it to sit for 5-6 days, and change out the water once it becomes murky. Once this step is complete, bake it in a preheated oven at 200ºF (90–95ºC) for 30 minutes. This will remove the foul taste to help maintain the pleasant flavors of your cannabis-infused morning pick-me-up.

For even better absorption, and to emulate true biohackers, you can try blending your coffee with butter to make a bulletproof coffee. It will provide even better absorption in that fat-rich solution. Or alternatively, for more ideas, check out our CBD coffee recipe.

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