How to Make Cannabis Infused Skittle Dust Pixie Stix

I set out trying to infuse skittles. My first efforts were successful in making skittle dust. I then need to infuse. The first method was to blend skittle dust with canna sugar and cornstarch. Filled a drinking straw with the infused skittle dust Pixie Stix.

Skittle Dust Pixie Stix

The second method was to take the skittle dust and mix it with tincture and dry it slowly in the oven. The goo never turned to dust but rather to a thick taffy. So I flattened the mixture out and took a metal straw and punch a small circle.
Presto chango – infused skittles 

Take your already prepared Skittle Dust and fill clear plastic straw. Amazon sells waxed paper straws like the original Pixie Stixs straws. I chose to use what I had in the house which were clear drinking straws. It would be easier to fill the straws if I had larger round straws, but I used what I had.


  1. Seal one end of the straw. I tried two different methods. First I tried sealing with my hot
    flat iron used for straightening hair. This was not the best way because I couldn’t get a
    firm seal. I had to at this point enlisted help from Hubby. He washed and dried a pair of
    needle-nose pliers and heated them up with a candle. Then pressed the hot pliers to
    seal the straw.
  2. Add skittle dust to a small silicone funnel and pinch off one side of the funnel to make a
    stream to fill the straws easier.
  3. Seal the other end
  4. ENJOY

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