How To Make Cannabis-Infusions In an Air Fryer

I was browsing our favorite social network when the subject of cannabutter come up. It was then that a user jokingly asked about infusing edibles with their air fryer.  I have a total of zero experience with air fryers, but I knew it had to be possible, and as it could be done, it must be recorded on the internet. So immediately I went to work.

Step 1: Decarbing

Cannabis Flower

It is my opinion that this would not be an ideal way to decarb your cannabis flower.

The first problem that needed to be taken into consideration is that Air fryers blow hot air around the cooking chamber, so loose weed would just blow everywhere and it would end up as a horrible mess. 

Commonly, the cannabis is roughly ground and placed in a single layer on a flat cooking sheet. This helps aid in evenly distributing the heat around the flowers to ensure the cannabis is decarboxylated fully. However, as the air moving the heat around the chamber is fan blown you have to make sure it is nicely wrapped in tin foil. 

Decarboxyltate the cannabis by grinding, destemming, and placing it in a heat-safe dish covered with foil. Poke holes in the foil for air and place in Air Fryer. Heat for 2 – 30 minute cycles at 250° F for a total of 1 hour, mix between cycles.

Step 2: Infusion

  1. Add the butter or oil to a heat-safe dish with the activated cannabis.
  2. Replace foil cover and heat another cycle this time for 40 minutes at 250° F.
  3. Remove foil cover and replace in oven for 2 more cycles 250° F for 40 minutes each. ( Monitor and lower temperature if it gets too hot or if the oil itself is over 220° F)

Step 3: Cool & Strain

After 2 hours (3 – 40 minutes cycles) remove from oven and let cool off. When manageable, strain through a fine mesh filter.

Step 4: Mold and Chill

Pour into molds and keep chilled until ready to use.

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