How to – Make Cannabis Rosin with a Hair Straightener

Currently, a retail rosin press will set you back anywhere from $300 to a grand and up. This is fine if you have bongo bucks, but the rest of us would just as soon find a cheaper alternative for extracting rosin. For those who want a solvent-less extraction method that is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals, rosin is the way to go. Here we go through how to make a Rosin press at home with a Hair Straightener.

Equipment Needed For Basic Flower Rosin Press:

The easiest way to understand rosin is to make a small batch on your own.

It’s simple and requires very little equipment.

Let’s begin by pressing out some flower rosin — here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Buds — Our goal is to learn the process and taste your first homemade product.

• Tong-style hair-straightener/flat iron — there are several factors to consider here, but the biggest obstacles are heat and durability. Some popular models like the Remington have minimum settings too hot to leave the device on during pressing, meaning you have to warm it, turn it off and use a laser thermometer “heat gun” to ensure ideal temp. If you’ don’t have access to a heat gun, something inexpensive like the 2-inch model from Conair will allow you to “set and forget” the heat, because the lowest setting is generally cool enough for rosin extraction. However, part of the lower cost comes from a more brittle plastic housing for the heating plates, meaning the Conair is more susceptible to physical cracking and breakage. A model with a digital temperature readout is also a good choice for irons that do have temp settings low enough for rosin.

• Parchment paper — but NEVER wax paper, because you don’t want the wax to melt into your final product, and it will if you use wax instead of parchment paper. You can also use silicone mats and other heat-resistant material, but for your first press parchment is fine

• Bar clamp (optional) — the pressure is half of the magic behind rosin, so you have to ensure you have enough. When pressing small quantities manual pressure is generally adequate, but for a more efficient press and a higher yield clamps can be applied to the outside of the iron.

• Micromesh/silkscreen filters (optional) — pressing rosin tends to spread the extracted concentrate outward from the buds being pressed, meaning screens aren’t always strictly necessary to keep plant material out of the final product. However, to ensure a product free of particulates you can wrap your bud in silkscreen or micromesh material. Some people also use unbleached tea bags for these smaller batches of flower rosin.

• Protective work gloves — It’s pretty difficult to injure yourself making rosin, especially using this method, but it’s not impossible. Wearing work gloves protects your hands from painful burns, which a hair straightener is more than capable of inflicting.

Pressing The Flower Rosin

Step 1:

Plugin your hair straightener and turn it on to the lowest setting of around 280°-330° degrees F. Then cut out a small square of parchment paper, around 5-6 inches.

Step 2:

Take the flower bud you’re planning to press and pack it evenly and nicely in a Rosin Bag or  Pollen Press. Make sure the material is not ground up leaving air spaces. 

Step 3:

Place the packed rosin bag or pressed nug in the middle of the cut-out square of parchment paper. Then fold the parchment paper over the material and bag you are about to press.

Step 4:

Now, take the hair straightener and clamp it on the bud you are pressing that’s inside the folded parchment paper. Only press for 3-7 seconds. Then you will hear the sizzling sound (this is good). 

Step 5:

Remove the hair straightener and unfold the parchment paper. Use a collecting tool to dispose of the pressed nug. The rest of the sticky material is the rosin that you now can collect and smoke. Happy dabbing!

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