Hydroponics: Growing Media 101

A beginner-friendly introduction to growing media for hydroponics. We cover inert growth medium choices such as Rockwool/Stonewool, grow stones, and perlite, and other media options such as coconut coir too. We look at how the choice of growing media affects/dictates irrigation strategies—restrictive and non-restrictive growing media. 

Referenced article: http://www.just4growers.com/stream/gr…

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About Everest

These highly informational videos will teach you all of the specific terminology and technical considerations that go into hydroponic growing.

Everest’s videos break down complex information in a short amount of time, usually less than 10 minutes.

He covers every topic, including growing media, grow lights, dealing with pests and pH levels.

Plus, he posts in-depth reviews of products, such as popular grow lights.

Most of the information is delivered to you through Everest’s speedy voiceovers, so have a pen and paper ready for notetaking.

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