I was today years old when I learned oscar the grouch is a nug of weed

Oscar The Grouch, a beloved muppet character from the ever so popular kids show Sesame Street, has finally come clean about himself.

Today on the Morning Show, Oscar revealed that he is Marijuana.

“I feel it is time to tell everyone the truth. I am very much indeed, one big nug of weed.”

The Parents Television Council has been in a rage since this revelation because Sesame Street is a children’s television show.

Concerned parents are afraid Oscar The Grouch will endanger their children, turn them into murderers, and become a gateway to more hardcore drugs. 
Further investigation revealed that both current and former child actors of the show state that they have been smoking ‘Oscar The Grouch’ for quite some time, which stands to explain why they always seem so happy on the show.

He’s a “monster” that lives in a garbage can, right? But is he REALLY just a monster? Or is there something a little more “skunk” to Oscar The Grouch?

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