Ideas for Growing Weed Outdoors without drawing unwanted attention

Growing marijuana outdoors has some incredible benefits, including the availability of free light. Light is like food for cannabis plants and during the flowering stage, the amount of bud produced is directly proportional to the amount of light the plant receives (especially at the bud locations). The plant is converting light energy into buds.

Sunlight provides free energy for growing cannabis plants so there is no need to spend money to power your grow lights!

Indoor growers have to provide all their own light, typically by using specialized grow lights. However, grow lights produce heat and use a lot of electricity, and indoor grow rooms need a space that’s easily hidden to visitors yet has easy access to water.

When it comes to outdoor growing, instead of setting up the grow room, your job is to pick the perfect place to grow you some weed. This is one of the most important things you can do not only for your plant’s health but also for stealth and security!

Not only is this extremely not stealthy, but the light from the window will also likely prevent the plant from flowering (creating buds).

Light pollution is a common problem when growing outdoors on your own property. Plants need complete darkness at night to start making buds!

Growing on Your Property With Outdoor Stealth

Growing on your own property is much more convenient than hiking to a remote grow spot, but the stakes are so much higher because if the plants are spotted it’s easy to determine who the owner is.

Make sure to take every precaution!

Hide Your Plants

Think about what your yard looks like from an observer’s perspective. You want to go outside and make sure that plants are not visible from someone’s window, from the street, a neighbor’s yard, etc.

Camouflaging The Plants

After making sure no one can see your plants, it’s still a good idea to try to camouflage them just in case if someone is on your property for some reason, so the plants don’t obviously stick out.

Use Stealth Strain Plants

There are some interesting “stealth” strains that naturally don’t look like typical cannabis plants, which can also help increase the illusion.

  • Frisian Duck
  • Duck Auto
  • Dr. Grinspoon

“Duck” or “Duckfoot” strains have only 3-finger leaves which makes them look a lot less like cannabis leaves, resulting in strains that can look like other types of plants at first glance.

The buds of Dr. Grinspoon plants do not “clump together” like most cannabis plants. While the buds look a bit differently, they are very much just as effective! 

Planting In A Greenhouse

Some growers plant using a greenhouse or another outdoor structure that lets the light in yet obscures the inside from view.

Greenhouses can not only help keep plants warm in cool climates, but they also help obscure the plants from a casual observer. 

A greenhouse may look suspicious if it’s all by itself in the middle of the yard.  Especially, if you do not typically do a lot of yard work or gardening.

Protip: Keep plants shorter than your fence! This brings us to the next idea. 

Changing Natural Growth Patterns

Consider bending or otherwise altering the overall “Christmas Tree” shape, which is the most typical shape for cannabis plants grown naturally. This change of shape can cause the plant to look less like cannabis in general. You can also consider bending to prevent plants from getting too tall.

By utilizing low-stress training the botanist can grow marijuana plants in any size or shape. 

Beware Anyone Taking Interest of Your Plants

Watch out for anyone looking over the fence or otherwise spending any time hanging around your property.

Even if the person is not someone who will report you to law enforcement, they can still be a problem. They could tell a friend who reports you. Or even worse they could be a thief!

Nothing is more heartbreaking than growing plants all summer and then losing them to thievery… well, except jail.

Remember, even if that person doesn’t take your plants right away, many experienced thieves understand the life cycle of cannabis plants and will wait until just before harvest to steal your plants.

While the plant does not have any buds to steal now, thieves may take note of your plant and come back in the fall when they know it’s getting close to harvest time!

Ooh, That Smell

Another thing to consider but is often overlooked is that people might be able to smell your plants.

Some plants smell a little “weedy” in their vegetative stage, but by the time your plants are flowering and getting close to harvest, the smell will be overwhelming, especially with certain “high-smell” strains.

Choose a low odor strain for outdoors that stays small if you’re wanting something very stealthy.

Auto-flowering strains can be a good choice because they’re easy to grow, won’t get very big, have a quick time-to-harvest and there are several stealthy looking and low-smell varieties that are suitable for growing outdoors.

Auto Duck is an example of an auto-flowering strain that is great for outdoor stealth growing due to its smell (or lack thereof), growth patterns, and quick time-to-harvest.

Some examples of photoperiod strains that stay small and low-odor include Northern Lights, Papaya (smells tropical), Jock Horror, Ice (smells like jet fuel), and Blue Mystic.

Do not forget that smells are usually more intense when things get hot and humid.

Consider planting lots of other types of plants nearby, especially ones with bright and fragrant flowers.  By doing this, you will detract attention away from both the appearance and smell of a typical cannabis plant.

One of the most common reasons for cannabis grows being raided or stolen is because the cultivator has told someone about it. The best thing to do is never tell anyone where your grow is, or even better yet, that you are even growing at all. Sure, you may trust your friends to not rat on you, but do you trust them not to tell their girlfriend/boyfriend? Things can quickly get out of hand as word spreads. If you never tell anyone, then there should be no problem. 

With these simple points, you can go a long way to ensuring your personal outdoor hobby grow remains that – personal, private, and hidden. Play safe and play smart.

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