If Not

If not for loss, we would not recognize gain.
If not for fatigue, we would not appreciate energy.
If not for death, we would not be thankful for life.
If not for poverty, we could not appreciate prosperity.
If not for ignorance, we could not appreciate wisdom.
If not for failure, we could not fully appreciate success.
If not for harm, we could not appreciate safety.
If not for confusion, we would not appreciate peace.
If not for cowardice, we could not appreciate bravery.
If not for enemies, we would not know the meaning of friends.
If not for betrayal, we would not appreciate loyalty.
If not for fog, we could not appreciate clarity.
If not for hate, we would not appreciate love.
If not for reality, dreams would have no meaning.
If not for shallowness, we would not appreciate insight.
If not for shame, we could not appreciate pride.
If not for bad, we would have no appreciation of good.
If not for sorrow, we would not understand joy.
If it were not for our past,
The present may be much easier to accept.
But as you noticed, a world without scars, is a world without meaning.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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