Let there be light!

The Luxx DE 1000w HPS 277v; even the letters in this name are big.

 Having just one of these would be huge for any grower, and our new indoor grow facility will require twenty of these bad boys!

That is a lot of illumination and begs the question of how large is your grow? Understandably you want to keep that info confidential; Nirvana Farms is a place of pure bliss, but come on, you would make Growing Belushi weep with envy.
All jest aside, I do not know much about the realm of growing plant medicines. What is known is that all of the THC-laden flowers gotten from the farm are pure fire!

What the mighty Hippy brings to bear is a blessing to ingest and, with a proper place to ply his magic. Our magical man is so stoked!

The fixtures are the product of thousands of harvests, decades of cultivation experience, and passion for the garden. Indeed, what a lucky man!

Ascending that throne in just a few short weeks, this prince among men now has a true kingdom to call his own. Leaving us all wondering what will he do when it comes time to expand that kingdom?

By this time next year, we will have twice that number of lights! Forty lights is a massive grow and will require an extension of the second floor.

No doubt the plans are already in the works being the mastermind that you are, probably already have the contractor picked and committed for the fall of this year.

Let there be light!

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