Let’s Make Infused Banana Liqueur

Frozen drinks are always a hit especially when the weather is warm. With the availability of
fresh fruits the making of homemade infused liqueurs is extremely simple. My basic recipe is
versatile and you can use most fresh fruits or a combination of fruits. Also, the alcohol choice
can be substituted for vodka or brandy.


3-4 Fresh soft bananas (soft but not overly ripe/black)
1 cup of 151 rum
2 cups white rum
1 vanilla bean
¾ cup canna sugar
¾ cup water


1. Peel and slice bananas, place in a mason jar
2. Add rums and vanilla bean and shake
3. Let sit for 3 days, shaking daily
4. After 3 days, strain the banana chunks and pulp and discard
5. I strained x3 with different mesh to get a cleaner/clear infusion
6. Add canna sugar and water to saucepan bring to a low boil stirring until sugar dissolved
7. Remove from heat and cool
8. Add the above simple syrup to the rum mixture
9. Pour into individual bottles

And please remember: Enjoy and drink in moderation!

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