Let’s Make Tropical Creamsicle THC-Shine

I bartended for 15 years doing special events for motorcycle bike weeks and NASCAR races.
So this was a natural progression that I would venture into making alcohol THC drinks. Note of
caution….THC and alcohol can cause some people to experience crossfade.


Mason Jar


6 cups of fresh squeezed juiced (orange, tangerine, pineapple, lemon, papaya, guava).
½ cup canna sugar
½ cup canna honey powder
2 tbs canna vanilla extract
¼ cup dry french vanilla creamer
½ cup tincture
¼ cup Everclear
¼ cup vanilla vodka
¼ cup pineapple vodka


  1. Make your juice. I have an electric juicer. I prepared the fruit by peeling and removing
    the pith or skin. Strain to remove excess pulp. You can also use already juiced fruit, just
  2. Place the juice, sugar, honey powder, and coffee creamer into a large saucepan and
    bring to a low boil
  3. Continue stirring until creamy and all sugars are dissolved
  4. Cool to room temperature approx 1 hr
  5. Add Everclear, tincture, canna vanilla extract, and vodka
  6. Stir until well combined
  7. Pour into mason jars and refrigerate
  8. Let sit in the refrigerator for two weeks, shaking and burping the jars daily

After a few weeks remove from the cold and strain through a coffee filter.  Discard the solids and return to jars. 

And please remember: Enjoy and drink in moderation!

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