Letting Go

If we hide,
we don’t have to decide.
If we pretend,
we don’t have to confide.
If we deny,
we don’t have to face,
the brutal realities,
that throw us off base.
If we stay angry,
we don’t have to deal,
with all of the frustration,
that we really feel.
If we blame others,
we can protect ourself.
If we don’t face reality,
it feels safe on this shelf.
If we stay lonely,
it disguises other pain.
If we stay mad,
it might keep us sane.
If we let go,
could we handle today?
If we forgive,
could we find our way?
If we were willing,
to come face to face.
Would the internal torment,
finally give up the chase?

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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