How Do I Sign Up
  1. Browse our premium selection from Nirvana Farms top producers here and add items to your cart
How do I place an order?

We make it super easy to order from us!

  1. Browse our premium selection from Nirvana Farms top producers here and add items to your cart
  2. Check out and pay using Bitcoins or Cash App
  3. If you choose free shipping it will send without tracking. If you opt for tracking you will receive a tracking number for your package once payment is confirmed if you have selected this option. Expect your shipment within 2-5 business days.
Is my package shipped safely and discreetly?
Yes. We ensure that your order is packaged with care and vacuumed sealed. This protects your purchase and your privacy. We use mailers that are secure and discreet.
When does my order ship out?

If we deposit your payment by the noon (PST) cut-off time, your order will be shipped the same business day. If we deposit your payment afternoon (PST), your order will be shipped the next business day. We recommend that you send payment the day before you want us to ship your package (payments are processed in the order that they are received). It is our intention to ship as many packages as we can on any given day, therefore our cut-off time may be extended internally past noon.

Payments and Fees

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash App as this is a safe payment method. If you bank with credit unions or regular banks, then these are easy to do online with your institution. For your convenience, we also accept Bitcoin. To pay with Bitcoin, just follow the instructions shown on the checkout page. We will only ship orders once payment has been confirmed.

How do I send a Bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that helps facilitate e-commerce transactions around the world while helping to keep buyers and sellers anonymous and secure. Please refer to this external guide on how to purchase and sell Bitcoins.

What happens once my payment has been sent to you?

Once the payment is sent, it may take a few hours for us to receive and then deposit the payment (during business hours). If payment is sent during non-business hours, we will accept your payment the following business day. When your payment has been received by us, we will notify you by email. And we will send you a tracking number by email once the order is ready to ship out.

Once payment has been deposited, your order will be processed. Please note any payments deposited after 9:00 AM (PST) will be shipped out the next business day (although we will extend this cut off time internally as far as possible). We recommend that you send payment the day before you want us to ship your package.

Shipping and Handling

Lost Orders

Nirvana Farms assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:

  1. The wrong address provided by the customer (including typos or auto-correct errors)
  2. Customer change of address/residence
  3. Theft after delivery
  4. The package being rejected upon delivery (by doorman or other)

We no longer use a return address. Packages with incomplete/ incorrect addresses (missing unit #) will be undeliverable and not returned to us. No refunds or replacements will be given for this mistake. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER IN YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS. Contact us immediately for corrections.

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