Life Has Changed

Life has changed.
In a split second of time.
Now a stranger lives within.
The stranger isn’t leaving.
The familiar cannot return.
Life has changed.
Sure I miss the old familiar,
The dreams, the goals, the old me.
But emotion cannot change things.
Life has changed.
There now must be new goals.
There is now a new me.
I must learn to love the stranger,
Life has changed.
She is different from the old me.
There are many things she can no longer do.
She understands the pain of life.
She is concerned about the heartache of others.
Life has changed.
The stranger has a mission.
To help guide others through the maze.
The familiar wouldn’t have had the time.
Life has changed.
The familiar would have liked the stranger.
Now I must learn to accept me.
I am now that stranger.
So I would have liked me.
Life has changed

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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