Please take my hand, my precious friend, and lets walk barefoot through the
sand. As we walk let’s try to make sense of life and all of its many
complicated variables. Do you see the water continually washing against the
sea shore? Did you notice the water dragging sand and pebbles away with each
wave? That represents ” father time.” We have no more power over the ocean
and its powerful magnificence than we do over the passing or changing of
time. Maybe our only choice is to accept it, or is it?

Do you see the clouds starting to form over-head? Do you realize that we
cannot stop the inevitable thunder showers no matter how hard we try? Even
though we would love to see the sky stay sunny and bright, nature in all its
awesome power will invariably have its own way. Darkness, and stormy weather
are a fact of life. Maybe our only choice is to accept it, or is it?

Do you see the seagulls flying free and casually through the air? Do you
realize that their freedom can be threatened and taken away in a split
second of time? In their innocence, they can become prey to devastation and
death at the hands of cruelty and disregard for the significance of their
life. A fisherman may think it is fascinating to throw them a worm on a
hook. Or a group of bored teen-agers may find it entertaining to use them as
target practice. Their lives like ours, are vulnerable and full of possible
mishaps. Maybe our only choice is to accept it, or is it?

Do you see how high and powerful the waves are rising as the thunderstorm
gets nearer? Do you feel the passionate emotion the untamed ocean is
provoking? Emotions such as anger, rage, animosity, and ultimately danger.
The ocean is like life, sometimes smooth and beautiful and sometimes so out
of control as to cause heart-ache, harm or death. But we have no power or
control over the ocean. Maybe our only choice is to accept it, or is it?

The beach and all its beauty can instantly and without warning turn into an
inferno of fierce high seas, and brutal winds, gruesomely destroying and
causing turmoil. Just as life can be so very wonderful and joyful one moment
and then take a tragic turn towards disaster in a matter of seconds. Maybe
our only choice is to accept it, but is it?

Life and its hardships and tragedies, are just like the other variables of
nature. We must learn to appreciate the beauty around us. We must enjoy to
the fullest the peaceful, joyful moment. The course of our life can change
in a split second of time. Maybe our only choice is to accept it, but is it?

We all have choices, we all have some amount of control over our destiny.
Although we can not change everything, it is important to strive our hardest
to alter the things we can. We can touch and enjoy the feel of the sand and
pebbles, taking comfort in their reminder to be as productive as possible
because time stops for no one. We can take shelter from the thunderstorm
and at the same time marvel at its brilliance and power. We can prepare for
the onslaught of the viscous wind as it reminds us not to take anyone or
anything for granted. We can do our best to protect the seagulls and all
other vulnerable creatures that surround us each day. We can attempt to make
the most out of the life we have so graciously been given. Look at the
obstacles that stand before you realizing there may be many. Then decide
what you can do to change your own state of affairs, and in doing so
actively fight for a happier more fulfilled future. Don’t sit back and be
like the vulnerable docile seagull, taking bait without comprehending the
negative consequences.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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