Memories…sometimes joyful, sometimes painful,
Sometimes meaningful, sometimes a waste of time.
Memories…the past , what was…what no longer is,
Constantly and graphically fleeting through our mind.

Memories…time spent in another day in a preferential way,
Sometimes unrealistic, sometimes just a means for escape.
Memories…recalling past feelings of contentment and success,
Many times so much easier than accepting today’s fate.

Memories…can be selective, glorified in their recollection,
Probably not always accurate, dreams we only wish were real.
Memories…remarkable in their power to sometimes evoke pain,
A salve for all the disappointment we all occasionally feel.

Memories…life that existed in an earlier, possibly easier time,
A sanctuary of comfort, an anesthetic way of easing our pain.
Memories…our solitary return that helps us define who we are,
Many times evoking such emotion that the tears fall like rain.

Memories…help us to maintain when life invariably gets us down,
But life is not complete when the past is not merged with today.
Change can not be prevented we must learn how to face the new,
Memories…are wonderful but not a safe haven where we can stay.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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