My Diary

There was a simple accident,
and I fell and hurt my head.
Now I can’t seem to stop crying,
the tears flow for no reason at all.
I remember most of my past and
what I used to know and have read.
But I can’t remember why,
I started to walk into the next room.
I probably won’t remember,
to turn the stove off any time I use it.
I used to be able to spell, very well,
now the letters get lost and scrambled.
I stay confused about what day it is,
I am not sure what has occurred to time.
There are such spaces, blanks and voids,
I am sure time must have continued on.
I just seem to have missed it somehow.
I talk to my sisters, and I feel like a stranger.
They remember someone that I no longer am.
Seven years ago I was hit by a pick-up truck.
For seven years I have struggled to regain,
all the many cognitive abilities that I had lost.
Just this year I was able to say I felt acceptance,
and comfort with the stranger that had become me.
Funny, now I miss that other stranger, I knew her.
Now there is a new stranger, and her abilities are
not known yet. Her full range of deficits have yet
to be defined. It feels like finally making it to the
finish line, just to be told I would have to start
the race again, no matter how tired I might be.

by: Debbie M. Wilson

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